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In keeping with the educational purpose stated in UFDC’s Articles of Incorporation, UFDC’s Department of ReAL Services has established a Scholarship Fund. This Fund has been established to promote original research leading to better knowledge, understanding and appreciation of dolls. At present there are four titled scholarships available which are endowed by ongoing and directed donations. They are:

  • The UFDC Dorothy and Evelyn Jane Coleman Scholarship for the Study of Antique Dolls
  • The UFDC Nancy Carlson Scholarship for the Study of Composition Dolls and
  • The Becky Wallace Scholarship Fund for the Study of Modern and Collectible Dolls
  • The Virginia Gordon and Atha Kahler Scholarship Fund for Costuming Dolls

Previous Scholarship Winners

Robin Wyatt – The Study of Antique Continental Wooden Dolls
Jean Kestel –The Study of Door of Hope Dolls
Bradley Justice – The Designers of Barbie
Michael Kouri – Lewis Sorenson’s Wax Dolls

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