Junior Collectors

Junior Collectors are young people (under 18) who are affiliated with a UFDC club, though Junior Collectors are not officially members of UFDC. Junior Collectors are the doll collectors of the future, so UFDC has special programs just for them!

  • There is a Junior Collector’s Tea held each year at the national Convention.
  • Some local clubs sponsor Junior Collector events and some even have on-going Junior Collector groups.

The new Junior Collector Coordinators are currently surveying all UFDC clubs to learn more about the clubs’ interest in the Junior Collector program and to generate ideas that will be shared on this page. Presidents should return these surveys to the coordinators by February 1, 2012. Please contact the coordinators if you have any suggestions or questions.

Junior Collector Coordinators:

Judith Emerson
Lansdale, PA