Competitive Exhibit Pictures ~ Antique

One of the most amazing things about the UFDC National Convention is the Competitive Exhibit. Every UFDC member registered for the convention is invited to participate in the Competitive Exhibit, both Antique (pre-1920) and Modern (post-1920). The Competitive Exhibits are among the most popular features at convention, offering an unequaled opportunity to see and study rare and interesting dolls. It’s an amazing amount of volunteer work, from choosing the categories, creating the Competitive Exhibit Booklet, bringing in dolls to enter from around the world (often very costly and rare dolls), setting up the room and clerking (checking in dolls and arranging things), monitoring (making sure the dolls are secure during the convention), and finally judging and the conducting the apprentice judge program. ufdc2013competitive The dolls are judged for condition, rarity and age and the categories change from year to year.

Here are pictures taken by Diane Root of almost every category in this years’ Competitive Exhibit Antique (categories 1-83 in the Competitive Exhibit Booklet). A big thank you needs to be extended to Sherry and Charles Minton, the Antique Exhibit Chairs and to all their volunteer helpers.

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Convention 2013 Helpers!

The Helper and Silent Auction room opened on Tuesday and was lots of fun. A helper is a donation item that is raffled off to help pay the expenses of convention. I did not get many pictures because, I admit, I got distracted by all the shiny things and the need to make tough decisions about where to drop my tickets. I did get a picture of my most wanted entry — a trunk set by the Lawton Loop featuring a Wendy Lawton doll with a wardrobe and accessories made and donated by the members of Wendy Lawton’s on-line discussion group. Also pictured is Hattie Hilton, the enormous American Girl trunk set donated by members of the UFDC board that will go to a convention attendee who was a guest at the Hilton hotel. Thanks to all the clubs that donated helper items! They were truly exceptional.

Gotta run — off to distribute some more tickets!

Lettie Lane & Friends ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

Donelle Denery brought to life the work of artist Sheila Young in this wonderful special exhibit.

The Four Seasons of Sandra Sue ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

The Sandra Sue doll was produced by the Richwood Doll Company

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in the 1940s and 50s. Margaret Kincaid curated this special exhibit dedicated to Sandra Sue. A special feature of the exhibit is the Sandra Sue dollhouse, restored and decorated for Christmas.

[Note: I ran out of camera time for this exhibit. If you attended convention and have additional pictures that I can add to this gallery, please contact me.]


Edwardian Lady Dolls and Their Wardrobes ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

Donelle Denery contributed this exhibit which is perfectly in keeping with this year’s convention theme.


Mode Enfantine pour Poupees ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

This exhibit examines the fashion dolls of the 1860s wearng the dresses of la mode enfantine. The focus is on the dolls of Madame Rohmer with supporting roles played by the firms of Huret and Barois. Noted French Fashion doll expert and author, Lynn Murray, has curated this exhibit.

Robert Tonner ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

Our convention souvenir doll artist has been a true tour de force in the doll world for over twenty years and is a familiar and beloved name to the members of UFDC. Robert Tonner and the Tonner Doll Company, Inc. have created a remarkable body of work and this exhibit showcases some of the beautiful dolls that have been created during Robert’s illustrious career.

Beautiful Boys, Gorgeous Girls – Asian and American BJDs ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

Jennifer Kohn Murtha presented this wonderful Convention 2013 Special Exhibit on the current doll collecting phenomenon. Jennifer and her friends have brought together a stunning and amazingly wide-ranging set of dolls that are artfully arranged for our enjoyment. The pictures below speak for themselves!

The Enchanting Trousseau of Chiffonnette ~ A Convention 2013 Special Exhibit

Sylvia MacNeil’s virtuosity as a costume researcher and creator of early French Fashion doll wardrobes made the Chiffonnette special exhibit at the UFDC Convention absolutely breathtaking!

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Convention Centerpiece Dolls

On my way to the special exhibits I passed the display case with the five 22″ Tonner American Model dolls dressed in stunning Edwardian Fashions. These dolls will be the centerpiece dolls for the final Thursday night banquet and are being offered for sale in the mini office all week. Aren’t the dolls stunning?

tonner-centerpiece1 tonner-centerpiece2

It is difficult to take good pictures through glass but nice to see the dolls in person. At one of his events, Robert Tonner told us the gorgeous fashions were designed by Joe Petrollese, design director for Tonner Dolls who also designed the Wilde Imagination dolls Ellowyne and Evangeline and who is also here at the convention.

Which is your favorite? I think mine is the one in pink — the hat just makes the outfit. But now it’s off to the Special Exhibits! I know everyone is dying to see pictures.

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