The Summer Issue of Doll News is Now On-Line

You can read the Summer 2016 issue of Doll News by clicking on the cover image below.


UFDC Nominating Process and Declaration Form Correction

The Nominating Process and Declaration Application that appears on page 178 of the 2016 summer issue of DOLL NEWS lists the wrong regions for the 2017 election and does not include information for those applying for officer positions. The correct page is found on the digital version of DOLL NEWS.

The correct page is also shown below.


A Devastating Day

On Sunday I spent the afternoon in a beautiful home in the country celebrating the engagement of a friend’s daughter. Sadly other families and friends were learning and just beginning the mourning process for the too many people whose lives were lost in America’s worst mass shooting. I was struck by the irony that my friend’s daughter is about the same age as many of the young people who were struck down too young and what a tragic waste of young lives it was.

This horrific attack was aimed at the LBGTQ community. The UFDC is blessed to have many members from that community. Sadly I learned that one of our members lost two friends in this unimaginable attack  

I know all our members join with me in expressing our grief and sorrow and offer our heartfelt condolences to those who lost dear ones.  

Our hobby is one that brings joy and friendship to our lives. In the midst of tragedy we all must continue to fight for what is good in this world and celebrate the many blessings that we have.

With sincerity and sadness,

Janet Gula

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