Rosen Centre Hotel Reservations for Convention

Please note – the only telephone number that should be used to make your hotel reservations at the Rosen Centre Convention hotel in Orlando is Rosen Centre’s toll-free number 1-800-204-7234. 

You may also reserve your room through the Internet at:

Convention Hotel Room Reservations

 Our room block is already 85-percent full after being opened for only three weeks, so you are advised to make your reservations as soon as possible.

Public Day at Convention is Friday, July 29

Just a reminder….even if you’re not registered for Convention, the sales room is open on Public Day!

Exciting Convention News – Ruby Red Galleria!

Ruby Red Galleria is offering a surprise gift, valued at at least $50, for those signed up for their Saturday, July 30th ticketed luncheon event “Kindred Spirits Together Again.” How to claim your gift? You must present your luncheon ticket at the Ruby Red Galleria Gathering scheduled for Friday night 9 – 11 pm in the International Ballroom. The gathering is free and open to all convention attendees, but only those presenting their ticket for the luncheon will receive the surprise gift. Not signed up yet for the luncheon? A limited number of tickets are still available but you must contact HQ BEFORE Wednesday, June 29th to sign up for this luncheon.

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