About UFDC

UFDC is a 501c3 non-profit charity with the goal of being the foremost in research, education, conservation, collecting, and appreciation of dolls. Our vision is: to provide education, service and conservation; to encourage collecting, research, creative doll making, cooperation, respect, integrity, innovation, voluntarism, and personal growth; and to sustain friendship, communication, interaction, compassion, and enjoyment. With the dedication of our volunteers working together, we preserve yesterday and today for tomorrow.

Miss Unity

UFDC Executive Committee


Loretta Nardone – President

Barbara Stone – 1st Vice-President,
Director of ReAL Services

Maryll Goldsmith – 2nd Vice–President,
Director of Convention Services

Connie Reynolds – Secretary/Treasurer,
Director of Membership

mary-lewisUFDC was founded by Mrs. Mary E. Lewis of Brooklyn, New York. Her dream to unite and organize doll collectors from around the world was realized with the establishment of UFDC in 1949. The history of UFDC is inspiring especially when considering the timeline and the world events of the period.

The home of our organization is our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. From this hub UFDC is able to support the goals of its membership: to promote and assist in the preservation of dolls and historical documents pertaining to dolls; to serve as a clearing house for ideas pertaining to dolls; to promote and stimulate interest in the establishment and maintenance of museum doll collections and other permanent and temporary exhibits for display in public places; to assist the educational process through the sponsorship of and participation in lectures, seminars, conferences, and symposia; to publish a magazine to encourage the above enumerated charitable, scientific and educational activities.

UFDC’s doll museum and archival collections reside at the Kansas City facility and are available to our members and the public for viewing enjoyment and in-depth study. Visitors to our museum are able to view antique, vintage, and modern, play and artist dolls on display. In addition to dolls, our holdings include our permanent archival collections of catalogs, research materials, patent papers, patterns and other ephemera relating to dolls and our doll reference library.

UFDC is able to offer collectors and researchers a variety of Educational opportunities. Our ReAL Services (Research and Archival Libraries) department creates, maintains and disseminates a wide range of educational programs, seminar kits and other products pertaining to doll collecting, doll dressing and doll making, designed to enhance the collecting experience. Assistance is offered to authors and researchers wishing to use our archival collections and library.

UFDC and its member clubs provide numerous opportunities each year to get together with other doll collectors for fun and education. These events include regional conferences, special exhibits, doll shows, luncheons, and study programs all of which can be found on our UFDC Calendar page.

UFDC also hosts an Annual Convention, click on the link here to learn about this exciting event.

DOLL NEWS, UFDC’s official publication, is well respected world-wide. This magazine is published quarterly and is filled with original research and informative articles about all areas of dolls and doll collecting.

UFDC reflects the interests of doll collectors of all ages. Our Junior Collector program builds an interest in doll collecting and provides children under eighteen special collecting information and projects designed to allow them enjoy, grow, share, and be an active part of the world of doll collecting.

UFDC welcomes you to our web site. Membership is your passport to our world.