A UFDC Mini Seminar

From this, to the lady below….

The box was tenderly cleaned with a book cleaning pad, and glued back together. You can see it, in its preserved state behind the doll, as well as the original price of $1.50, written on the bottom..

Note that no attempt was made to remove the “rust” spots. The costume is cleaner, and the color is brighter. The back of the costume has retained more of the blue color because it was beneath the doll as she lay in an open box. The original undergarments required only vacuuming. The socks were gently washed and finger-pressed on a glass surface to dry. The shoes were cleaned with Renaissance Wax.

The doll should not be kept in the box unless protected by several layers of acid free tissue or muslin.

Nothing has been done that cannot be reversed, and her historical and monetary value has been enhanced by conservative treatment.

Except, that now she has regained some of her original appeal, and would be a welcome addition to many collections.

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