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ReAL Services is the name given to services of UFDC that provide the membership with educational, as well as entertaining and creative materials. Club programs, research materials, videos, patterns, audio-visuals, books and other publications are in this category.

The UFDC Research Library is the foremost location for information about any type of doll. Our Library, for in-house use only, houses out-of-print books to the most recent publications. A complete set of UFDC DOLL NEWS Magazines along with other doll publications may also be found. Researchers may access the library computer where our archival information is stored.

Audio-Visual Programs may be rented from the UFDC Library. See the main ReAL Services page for lists and forms.

To obtain other research material, members may contact us and specify the type of material you are looking for.

If you wish to obtain appraisal information we suggest the following sources: