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UFDC Museum Collection

The UFDC Doll Museum houses a wide variety of dolls, in both permanent and rotating displays. The dolls offer endless opportunities for study and enjoyment. Many UFDC members have contributed a portion of their collections which have become the basis for the permanent displays. Their generosity has made this museum possible.

Various materials have been used to make dolls over the years and examples in the museum include wood, wax, papier mache, china, cloth, parian, bisque, composition, rubber, plastic, and vinyl. The age of dolls on display varies widely and includes examples from the 1700s to modern dolls of today.

Dolls dressed in original clothes provide an opportunity to study original costuming, while those that are redressed may inspire you to dress your own doll and enjoy her every day.

Exhibits are changed periodically as dolls are donated to the museum. Local clubs set up special exhibits on a rotating basis.

Whether you are interested in studying dolls of a certain era or just enjoy admiring them, we hope you will be glad you decided to visit us.

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