Valentine 2006

A Valentine for you and yours. Print out several copies of this Tuck replica on photo paper and enjoy making it uniquely yours with tiny Valentine messages in the basket, scraps of ribbon, lace, and jewelry findings to elaborate the clothing, and anything else you can imagine. Instructions: Use a sharp exacto knife or tiny scissors to remove the inner portions before cutting around the edges. Cut out all pieces. Glue top to basket with a line of glue around the edges only, leaving top open. Cut out flowers on side of picture or use silk flowers to glue into basket with tips showing, or insert your own Valentine messages into the basket. Use the flowers to add a three dimensional effect with the tiny squares or circles of sticky foam used for scrapbooking. Add embroidery stitches and charms. What a great place to “deliver” a tiny frozen charlotte or other wee doll! This Valentine fits into a 6 1/2 inch by 9 1/2 inch kraft envelope, for mailing. Let us know if you enjoy this project, and would be interested in others.