From the Editor


Most of us are eagerly awaiting the coming of spring, hunkering down indoors, enduring snowstorms and rainfall.  Perhaps it’s helpful to remember the old proverb:  no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  I love having something fun to look forward to, and right now I’m looking forward to the convention this summer in Washington, D.C.  This is the doll event of the year, and it promises to be a most elegant and memorable affair.  I’m eagerly anticipating the extraordinarily beautiful special exhibits, an incomparable competitive exhibit room, seminars, workshops and programs from some of the best doll experts in the world, as well as an unparalleled salesroom.  Why not grab a friend and join the party?

Our cover girl for this issue is called “Doll Collector,” and I think she looks just like someone we know, someone we’d like to call “doll friend.”  The doll was created by well-known ODACA artist Joyce Patterson, whose story is told in our feature article, The FabricImages of Joyce Patterson, written by Doll News’ hardest working author, Ann Leis.  Springtime means new birth, and Linda Edward’s article, Baby Love shows us why baby dolls have been created over the years in response to the human desire to love and nurture.  You’re sure to want a darling baby to add to your collection.

How did UFDC begin?  Who came up with the idea?  These questions have been answered in the article, Mary Lewis, A Woman With a Vision.  You’ll get to know and appreciate the dedication of the fascinating woman who started our organization and her efforts to follow her dream.  Carol Noel offers a fascinating look at a group of dolls rarely if ever studied.  In her unprecedented article, Persian Dolls, Carol shows us some incredible examples created by ordinary women in Iran under the tutelage of American missionaries in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Author and Region 16 Director, Samy Odin invites us into the home of a well-known and respected doll dealer in his article Visiting With Margaret Gray Kincaid.  It’s a fun peek into a fine collection of carefully selected dolls, dollhouses and extraordinary accessories.  One of the most enjoyable doll events to attend is a regional conference, and The Independent Spirits Doll Club of Region 2 North didn’t disappoint.  Maureen Herrod gives us a full report of last fall’s memorable conference in her article Doll Journeys, Region 2 North Throws a Party.

In The Adventures of Lady Elizabeth, paper doll artist Gael Shults describes how she and doll costumer AnneLise Wilhelmsen dressed a doll as a helper donation for last year’s convention.  The ladies had a great time, the doll had quite an adventure, and the final result was beautiful.  Happily, Sylvia MacNeil has once again written for Doll News and offers to all of our sewers a pattern for a fashion doll’s 1860s circular cape.  Her article, From The Enchanting Trousseau of Chiffonnette, A Circular For Every Caprice features Sylvia’s Huret doll in authentic and trés chic costumes modeling nine different ways to create the charming circular cape.  In Edith Flack Ackley:  A Life Made from Dolls, regular contributor to Doll News and avid supporter of junior collectors, Nicki Burley has written a true, old-fashioned story about doll maker Edith Flack Ackley along with a pattern for making a cloth doll the EFA way.  A great project for juniors of all ages!

Last, but not least, we present the final coverage of the special exhibits from last year’s convention in New Orleans, The Queen’s Jubilee and Friendship Dolls as well as Crème de la Crème!  2012 UFDC Competitive Exhibit Part II.  This is visual proof of the efforts of the hardworking volunteers and generous members of UFDC who come together to bring us the very best of the best.

Wishing you a happy spring,