Paper Doll

Victorian Paper Dolls – Just For Fun…and Perhaps as a Valentine?

General Instructions:

Print the paper dolls and body pattern. Use white card stock or photo paper if you have it. If not, just print out and glue the dolls to card after printing on paper, and cut out. Cut two body patterns from cardboard. Fasten the arms and legs onto the body as indicated. You can use thread, brass brads, or just glue them in place. Leave the arms until last. Measure the dolls and make some sample clothing before you start sewing or gluing your good materials.

Materials for dressing the dolls might be fabric, crepe paper or laces. If you use fabric, remember to add a hem. Be creative…you can even dress the doll the little girl is carrying! Add ribbons and flowers…gold foil trims, jewelry…and love. Print enough for your club, and have a project day! Make several with a Valentine Motif for your special friends. But most of all…have fun.