Doll Pattern

DOLL PATTERN – Cloth Doll (My Big Dolly’s Dolly Circa 1915)


This little “doll’s doll” came with a 26 and 1/2 inch printed muslin premium doll called “My Big Dolly,” copyrighted in 1915. The large doll has a photographic face but the clothing is done in the same style as the little version. Utilizing the magic of computers and color printers you can recreate this one to give to one of your own dolls. The technique is the same as the one used in the UFDC “Understanding Cloth Dolls Seminar Kit.” Use your computer’s print option and your color printer to print out this page on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch iron-on transfer sheet. Follow the instructions and iron the print onto a soft muslin or cotton. The original doll fabric is actually very sheer, almost like starched batiste.

There is a printable cotton fabric sheet, made just for color printers, that will make this project even easier. Check your craft or fabric store.

Cut out the doll front, back and soles. Use fray-check on the edges. Place right sides together and sew around doll with small stitch, leaving space on one side for stuffing the doll. Turn doll right side out.

Cut out tiny cardboard soles and glue to inside of printed sole, leaving fabric edges free. Stitch soles to bottom of doll feet.  Stuff doll carefully. Sew up side opening.

You can use the iron-on for other projects, a sweatshirt, apron, blouse motif, a tote bag, a little girl’s dress….whatever you imagine. Have fun!