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Frequently Asked Questions about Convention

Why should I stay at the convention hotel when other hotels in the area have cheaper rates?
When contracts are negotiated with hotels, they agree to give UFDC free exhibit space and meeting rooms based on the assumption that a certain number of sleeping rooms will be used. Lower room rates are also offered based on the assumption that this number of rooms will be used. If UFDC does not use the anticipated number of sleeping rooms, charges will be made for rooms that are used for exhibits, meetings, etc. The necessity to pay for this space requires UFDC to charge higher registration fees for those who are not staying at the convention hotel, and would undoubtedly mean that room rates for future conventions could not be controlled as well as they now are. There of course is the advantage of being near to the activities, a real convenience since activities do run late into the evening. Staying at the hotel precludes the necessity to going outside late at night. There is also the benefit of being near to your friends, the vast majority of whom will be staying at the convention hotel.
How do I get a registration form for Convention, and when can I register?
Convention Registration forms are in the Winter Issue of Doll News, which are mailed in January. Members with priority registration may send in their form February 1st through 29th. Registration for UFDC Members begins on March 15th and continues through March 31st. Family members may register beginning April 1st.
How do I sign up for theme meal events, seminars and workshops for the convention?
Registration packets are mailed out to all members registered for the convention in mid-April. A description of each meal, seminar, and workshop are contained in the tentative schedule booklet mailed with the packet. Registrants then mail in their workshop, seminar, and theme meal event request forms. Confirmation to attend these requested events are mailed to convention registrants in mid-June.
Is the general public allowed to come in and see the convention?
The UFDC National Convention is for members and guests only; you must be registered to attend. However the UFDC National Sales Room is open to the public. See the Convention page for the day and times for this year’s Sales Room.
Can I attend the Annual Meeting even if I'm not my club's delegate?
All UFDC members are encouraged to attend the UFDC Annual Meeting on Thursday during convention at 9:00am. All persons attending the Annual meeting must show their current UFDC membership card for admittance.
I need a roommate, who do I contact?
UFDC Central Office, maintains a list of people who are looking for roommates for the convention. Contact 816-891-7040 or e-mail