A Capital Award!

A Capital Award!

It was announced recently that the 2013 UFDC Convention Souvenir Journal, A Capital Affair, won Best of Category for case bound books at the annual Graphic Excellence Awards competition. This is a Continue Reading

Convention 2014 Artist Spotlight ~ Susan Fosnot

Convention 2014 Artist Spotlight ~ Susan Fosnot

The UFDC Convention in San Antonio, Texas will be the doll collector event of the year for 2014. A line up of outstanding artists and manufacturers are currently working to create special Continue Reading


One of the joys of UFDC National Convention is visiting the host city while you're there. My traveling companions and I didn't arrive early enough to enjoy the guided tours of Ann Coleman's house and Continue Reading

Scenes from the Thursday Night Banquet

The Thursday night banquet certainly was A Capitol Affair! Please enjoy these pictures taken during the social hour and cash bar, then during the banquet proper. Do you see your friends? Continue Reading

Competitive Exhibit Pictures ~ Modern

The Competitive Exhibit Modern categories cover all dolls since 1920 so include what are considered vintage dolls as well as contemporary. When attending Convention, be sure to sign up for the Continue Reading

Competitive Exhibit Pictures ~ Antique

One of the most amazing things about the UFDC National Convention is the Competitive Exhibit. Every UFDC member registered for the convention is invited to participate in the Competitive Exhibit, Continue Reading

Convention 2013 Helpers!

The Helper and Silent Auction room opened on Tuesday and was lots of fun. A helper is a donation item that is raffled off to help pay the expenses of convention. I did not get many pictures because, Continue Reading