A Capital Award!

It was announced recently that the 2013 UFDC Convention Souvenir Journal, A Capital Affair, won Best of Category for case bound books at the annual Graphic Excellence Awards competition. This is a competition involving printers in the south central region of the Printing and Imaging Association (PIA). The printer, Hudson Graphics of Longview, Texas and the graphics designer, Julie Denton, worked tirelessly to bring the book to fruition. The honor is very well deserved. Congratulations to Hudson Graphics’ owner, Steven Cartwright and to Julie! Congratulations also goes to our Doll News editor, Laurie McGill, who was the Editor of the souvenir journal. Laurie’s hard work and dedication resulted in the creation of this one-hundred-twenty-page award-winning publication.


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  1. Donnell Wisniewski says:

    I echo the congratulations! It is a beautiful book and was greatly admired by my club members when I returned from convention.

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