A Note of Thanks!


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  1. Marcy Johnson says:

    Thank you Janet, Linda, Ada, and Loretta for putting on such a gorgeous convention this year! You all did a fine job and my club mates and I are still talking about it.

    We were especially entranced with the Regional Director of Region 2 South Michael Kouri, who not only wore a fun hat, to the “At Your Service” Ice Cream Social, but dressed up as Uncle Sam and walked all over the room with his heavy cast, stopping at each and every table welcoming us to the convention, thanking us for coming, posing for pictures with dozens of members, encouraging us to shop in the UFDC sales room and have fun. We’ve never met anyone in UFDC like him in the past and felt Michael’s warm, welcoming, positive attitude as a true blessing to UFDC. His sincerity, kindness and enthusiasm set the tone for the entire convention week for me and my friends who attend the convention as often as we can.

    What an amazing ambassador to UFDC he is. We felt so sorry for him having to drag around that heavy cast on his foot, but Michael always had a bright smile on his face throughout the convention, and his program “Collecting American Doll Houses” was Stellar!

    I was a bit disappointed that none of the board members nor the other Regional Directors were in the audience to see it, but there were well over a hundred people present and some were still trickling in even at the half hour point. Throughout the convention, Michael’s program was the only one
    I saw that showcased American Patriotic themed music, much of it he actually sang himself. He has a beautiful voice!!!

    It was smart, funny, creative and educational and everyone in that audience enjoyed the Robert Tonner BJD dolls that hosted and told the story, the beautiful music & photos of some of the most incredible antique and modern dollhouses I’ve ever seen-it was hands down the BEST Program my club mates and I have ever seen at a UFDC convention and we wondered why in the world it wasn’t shown during the opening ceremonies.

    Many of us who saw his program asked him if copies were available for sale. He told us to check on his website and also told us that a percentage of every copy he sells he’ll donate a portion to UFDC for a fundraiser-WOW what dedication to our organization! We’re thinking of contacting Michael to ask if he’d come to our region to lecture for some of our clubs. I’ve heard he provides fantastic programs to the clubs in Region 2 South.

    Throughout the entire convention we were so disappointed that the opening program didn’t include American Patriotic music, after all the convention was held in our nation’s capital city. Although I enjoy French dolls, I felt the opening program should have been shown as a program all it’s own instead of at the opening ceremonies.

    It wasn’t until the final banquet that we heard anymore American music…a nice touch by the local high school students who played their instruments for us, but a bit disappointing at the same time. It would have been nice if you’d asked Michael to sing or perform during the final banquet, as he is certainly a professional, but I was also very touched and moved with his speech to our outgoing president Ada. I only wished that she had opened the box and shown some of the cards Michael described prior to presenting her with the box of thank you cards from members of his region…they sounded delightful. Perhaps photos of the cards can be posted here on the UFDC website for other members to see.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication, we appreciate your efforts and are looking forward to the convention in San Antonio next summer.


  2. Janet Gula says:

    Thank-you Marcy for taking the time to write to us. We listen very closely to what our members say and will take this into account in our future planning. I will say, and I speak on behalf of my fellow officers as well, that I wish I had been able to attend all of the amazing programming we offered this year, however my duties at convention prevented me from enjoying them. I am so happy that you enjoyed Michael’s program and I urge all convention attendees next year to make time to go to these programs presented by doll experts on a variety of topics, and all offered at no cost to any attendee. I would also like to clarify that our entertainers at this year’s banquet are all professional musicians and not high school students as you mention – although they are very young! Looking forward to seeing you in San Antonio and thanks again for your comments.
    Janet Gula
    Washington Director of Convention Services
    1st Vice-President

  3. Pam Wolf says:

    It was a first for me to display My dolls in the competition. I was so thrilled that each one got a ribbon. thank you to the Judges who did a wonderful job on all the dolls. you have given me the courage to do it again in San Antonio!
    Pam Wolf

  4. Cynthia Orgeron says:

    Thanks to all who made this year’s convention experience so memorable. The pictures of our experiences added to the web page is a delight. My club members found it before me! All have just raved about being able to see themselves and their dolls here. Thanks again to all of you. May this addition to our web page continue.

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