One of the joys of UFDC National Convention is visiting the host city while you’re there. My traveling companions and I didn’t arrive early enough to enjoy the guided tours of Ann Coleman’s house and doll collection but we heard rave reviews of the experience. We did decide to visit the National Mall and the National Museum of American History where we saw a little doll who is from the Coleman collection. Can you spot her in these photos?

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  1. All in all, a wonderful Convention, albeit a bit of a rush to cram everything into four days. The meeting rooms seemed a bit small – could not get into the Region 13 meeting.
    Love the “mystery doll” category in competition. That was fun.
    Thanks so much. Hope to be in San Antonio next year.
    Arlene M Coleman
    President, Bux Mont Doll Lovers
    Region 13

  2. Marcy Johnson says:

    I also think UFDC should post photos from the “At Your Service” Ice Cream Social. The Regional Directors wore such cute hats, yet Michael Kouri went over and above the call of costume duty when he dressed up in the cutest Uncle Sam costume and walked around the room welcoming members for coming, encouraging them to shop in the sales room and just have fun. Michael Kouri is sure an awesome ambassador for UFDC and we’re all so lucky to have him among us. His program on Collecting American Dollhouses was splendid, too. It was the only program I saw that showcased American themed music, much of he he sang, too. It was the BEST Program I’ve ever seen at a UFDC convention and should have been shown during the opening ceremonies. We never heard American themed music again until the night of the banquet. One would think that a convention held in our nation’s capital would have showcased our wonderful patriotic music more…Thanks to Michael we got it.

  3. Maria says:

    There actually *is* a gallery of pictures from the ice cream social!

    Thanks for identifying Michael Kouri as Uncle Sam. I’ll go add it to the caption for that picture! I’m disappointed I missed his Dollhouses program — that was one of the hardest things for me, the need to be in several places at once sometimes. I’m glad it was splendid and if you have any pictures to share, please send them to and I’ll add them.


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