Scenes from the Thursday Night Banquet

The Thursday night banquet certainly was A Capitol Affair!

Please enjoy these pictures taken during the social hour and cash bar, then during the banquet proper.

Do you see your friends? Please send me captions for these photos and for any others on the blog.

8 Responses to “Scenes from the Thursday Night Banquet”

  1. Barbara Stone says:

    The last two photos are mislabeled – the pictures are a mixture of old and new Regional directors, not just the new Regional Directors.

  2. Maria Greene says:

    Thanks, Barbara! Fixed.

  3. Jo Valente says:

    #3 photo Doreen Hilts and Jo Valente

  4. Maria Greene says:

    Thanks, Jo! Caption added.

  5. Marcy Johnson says:

    What a shame that no photos were included of Region 2 South Director Michael Kouri as he honored outgoing president Ada Deidrich with the spectacular box of paper doll cards he presented to her. His speech was invigorating, exciting and down right sweet from the heart. I saw flashes when he was at the podium and know someone in UFDC took pictures of he and Ada thanking him.

    Marcy Johnson Region 12

  6. Maria says:

    Yes, you’re right, Marcy, I was too slow with my camera on that one! That was adorable and sweet. If anyone has any pictures they could send me I’ll be happy to add them to the gallery.

  7. Donna Brown says:

    Even thought I wasn’t at this year’s convention, I felt like I was there enjoying the moment. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I think this is a neat idea. I hope everyone had a safe trip home. Donna

  8. Maria says:

    Thanks, Donna! I think it was a successful experiment. 🙂


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