Competitive Exhibit Pictures ~ Antique

One of the most amazing things about the UFDC National Convention is the Competitive Exhibit. Every UFDC member registered for the convention is invited to participate in the Competitive Exhibit, both Antique (pre-1920) and Modern (post-1920). The Competitive Exhibits are among the most popular features at convention, offering an unequaled opportunity to see and study rare and interesting dolls. It’s an amazing amount of volunteer work, from choosing the categories, creating the Competitive Exhibit Booklet, bringing in dolls to enter from around the world (often very costly and rare dolls), setting up the room and clerking (checking in dolls and arranging things), monitoring (making sure the dolls are secure during the convention), and finally judging and the conducting the apprentice judge program. ufdc2013competitive The dolls are judged for condition, rarity and age and the categories change from year to year.

Here are pictures taken by Diane Root of almost every category in this years’ Competitive Exhibit Antique (categories 1-83 in the Competitive Exhibit Booklet). A big thank you needs to be extended to Sherry and Charles Minton, the Antique Exhibit Chairs and to all their volunteer helpers.

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