Regional Meeting

Have I mentioned this is my first UFDC convention? One of the fun things about coming is seeing all of my friends from other clubs in my region (who I mostly run into at doll shows) and meeting the people who I know from on-line. Yesterday afternoon there were meetings for each of the regions so I found my friends and we tracked down the correct meeting room for Region 15. (That’s Rosemary, our club president, signing in on the left of this picture.)


Our Regional Director, Betsey Cumming, had everyone introduce themselves and we had about 43 people from MA, ME, NH and VT in attendance! She gave us an update on upcoming events in the region and there was a lot of joking and teasing.


Betsey is just finishing her 3-year term as Regional Director so she was gifted with a new doll for her Frozen Charlotte collection that individual members from all over the region contributed to.



Thanks, Betsey, and congratulations to Joyce Stamps who will be our new Regional Director! And thanks to all the RDs who volunteer their time to help the United Federation of Doll Clubs do what it does so well.

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