Convention Centerpiece Dolls

On my way to the special exhibits I passed the display case with the five 22″ Tonner American Model dolls dressed in stunning Edwardian Fashions. These dolls will be the centerpiece dolls for the final Thursday night banquet and are being offered for sale in the mini office all week. Aren’t the dolls stunning?

tonner-centerpiece1 tonner-centerpiece2

It is difficult to take good pictures through glass but nice to see the dolls in person. At one of his events, Robert Tonner told us the gorgeous fashions were designed by Joe Petrollese, design director for Tonner Dolls who also designed the Wilde Imagination dolls Ellowyne and Evangeline and who is also here at the convention.

Which is your favorite? I think mine is the one in pink — the hat just makes the outfit. But now it’s off to the Special Exhibits! I know everyone is dying to see pictures.

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