Convention 2013 Helpers!

The Helper and Silent Auction room opened on Tuesday and was lots of fun. A helper is a donation item that is raffled off to help pay the expenses of convention. I did not get many pictures because, I admit, I got distracted by all the shiny things and the need to make tough decisions about where to drop my tickets. I did get a picture of my most wanted entry — a trunk set by the Lawton Loop featuring a Wendy Lawton doll with a wardrobe and accessories made and donated by the members of Wendy Lawton’s on-line discussion group. Also pictured is Hattie Hilton, the enormous American Girl trunk set donated by members of the UFDC board that will go to a convention attendee who was a guest at the Hilton hotel. Thanks to all the clubs that donated helper items! They were truly exceptional.

Gotta run — off to distribute some more tickets!

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2 Responses to “Convention 2013 Helpers!”

  1. Suzanne Eder says:

    If I had not looked at the pictures for the convention helpers, I wouldn’t have seen the ones of the Lettie Lane exhibit. There is nothing on the first page about this.

  2. Suzanne Eder says:

    Never mind. I just didn’t understand the organization. If I’d looked at the blog posts, I would have seen it.

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