Monday UFDC Adventures

The day at the UFDC Convention started with a great seminar with Joanne Miller, the “President’s Update”. This seminar was to train club presidents and included a copy of the recently updated President’s Manual.


Here is Martha examining the President’s Manual.


An exciting program this afternoon was “Edwardian Dolls and Their Era” with Elizabeth Coleman, Susan Sirkis and Donelle Denery. This was a delightful presentation with three fantastic experts on the history, fashion and dolls of the Edwardian period. I now feel educated for viewing the Edwardian Doll special exhibit.



We’re getting ready now to go to the Opening Ceremonies and then (oh boy!!) the Sales Room opening!!

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  1. If the Edwardian Dolls talk, with slides, comes out on DVD, I would buy it. Just sayin’.

  2. Love this edwardian dolls may be a new interest for me wow is she pretty
    Thanks for sharing

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