UFDC is a Fan of Wilde Imagination!


UFDC is a Fan of Wilde Imagination!

Convention 2013 Artist Spotlight

Convention may be months away but our event artists and manufacturers are already hard at work.  Each month UFDC is pleased to introduce you to the artists and companies whose work will be showcased at the meal events planned for Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America.

An Introduction…

Evangeline Ghastly spends most of her time alone in the attic of Barkley Manor, but she really doesn’t mind at all.  She’s a self-taught seamstress, and enjoys sewing and creating all of her outfits from vintage pieces she finds laying around the attic, although she’s not quite sure who left them here.  She wears her new outfits walking through the cemetery, writing in her diary or as fashionable work attire for her job at Mort’s Mortuary. She’s hoping Mort’s nephew, Mortimer, notices her one day…


Dream Within A Dream Evangeline

She’s 18-1/2” tall, crafted of vinyl and hard plastic, with 15-points of articulation for amazing posing possibilities. She comes with inset brown eyes, applied lashes, a beautiful red wig, and a stunning designer outfit.  LE 350 

Dear Diary,

VALENTINES DAY! Obviously the best gift I have gotten (so far) on a Valentine’s Day is my kitty “Valentine”. 



She’s the cutest cat you’ll ever see! Completely ball jointed in luminescent resin, she stands 5″ tall, with hand-painted features, inset hazel eyes, and comes dressed in her favorite removable fashion ensemble – perfect for those lazy days in the attic.

However, I really would have loved this year’s gift to be the long awaited first date with Mortimer. 



He’s the perfect companion for Evangeline – handsome, friendly, with solid ties to the Ipswich community! 19-1/2” tall with inset brown eyes and the perfect gentleman’s outfit.  LE 350

Knowing that he wouldn’t make the first move, I sent him a Valentines card with a note asking him to meet me at a romantic restaurant. I signed it “Your True Love” as not to scare him off. It was a beautiful evening and I wore all gold in honor of the celebration. On the way to the restaurant the train of my gown got caught on a loose stone and tore the back seam open all the way up to my panties. Not wanting to go back home to change, I stopped by Madame Daisy’s to see if she could help me. Madame Daisy was on her way out and in a rush, so she didn’t have time to properly fix my dress. Instead she quickly pinned a wash cloth over my panties and off I went.

As I walked into the restaurant I spotted Mortimer sitting in a quiet corner with a woman I didn’t quite recognize. She had dark brown hair and wore a beautiful pink dress. She looked familiar and from where I was standing I could hear she had a French accent. They looked like they were having a good time. I turned away and started to cry. I didn’t have a handkerchief on me so I asked the matre’d to unpin the wash cloth from my bottom and I used that.


Beautiful But Deadly Parnilla – NEW

She shares Evangeline’s body and is Evangeline’s cousin from Paris – and rival for Mortimer’s attention. She has inset green eyes, applied lashes, dark brown wig, and a beautiful outfit complete with designer jewelry.  LE 350

Upon returning home, I realized that the only thing I needed this Valentine’s Day was to spend it with my best friends – Mouette, Bella, and Valentine.

 ~ Love, Evangeline 



She’s Evangeline’s favorite pet skunk and best friend!  Completely ball jointed in luminescent resin, she stands 5″ tall, with hand-painted features and dressed in her favorite removable odorless ensemble – she even wears designer shoes for those prickly, late night cemetery strolls!



Seeing Thru the Darkness Evangeline
Our newest basic Evangeline with painted
eyes – a First! – Two beautiful wigs, and a
designer outfit are included.
Green with Envy Parnilla – NEW
Our newest basic Parnilla
with inset brown eyes, applied lashes,
a changeable wig and that perfect Parisian
fashion sense.

Look for Evangeline Ghastly in Washington at her dinner themed event titled “A Royal Affair”.

To learn more about Evangeline Ghastly, please visit:  www.evangelineghastly.com

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