What’s Cooking with Alice Leverett

Alice Leverett was the designer and creator of the souvenir doll, Marie Terese, for the Chicago convention held in 2010.  A petite version of her Ultimate Fashion doll, Alice also created a wardrobe for the doll that sold out in a few hours.  Since then Alice has joined the Vogue Doll Company, the manufacturer of this year’s convention souvenir doll, as their creative director.  Alice will be bringing her talents to this year’s doll and will also be creating a special wardrobe that will be offered for purchase during convention.  She will also have a special meal event of her own (Cordon Bleu) where attendees will receive a beautiful outfit designed by Alice for Marie Terese.


Artist Alice Leverett has been creating beautiful handmade dolls, one of a kind heirloom pieces, costume sets and accessories, too, since 1986. During this time, she has also done a good bit of commercial design work for other doll companies. Though her Victorian style dolls come to the collector’s mind first, Alice’s many designs are quite varied, Tudor to contemporary, classic to trendy, and in mediums of cloth, resin and porcelain.


Forever Children

Sculpting is just one of her doll making passions, and her talents have created numerous technological advances in the doll world, including unique jointing methods. Perhaps the only thing that matches the beauty and pose-ability of her dolls is her intricately designed doll costumes. Owning an Alice Leverett Original costume is a rare treasure. Each are so finely detailed that it takes weeks to complete just one, not to mention the extensive amount of research each takes to be period correct and proportionally accurate.  Accessories included with her costume sets are also hand made by the artist and the technical skill involved in creating them is a wonder to be seen in the final result.

Anne Boleyn

Alice’s handmade studio dolls are highly prized and among the most sought after of her designs by discerning collectors.  For these dolls, she creates her own molds, pours her own resin or porcelain, paints, drafts all patterns, and is hands on in every aspect of the work.  Alice spends valuable time researching and developing each doll and costume, studying the concept, the era from which it comes, the way the clothing was worn, the fabrics that were used and much more.  It is a very important part of what makes an Alice Leverett Original stand out and her hands on dedication to the art form certainly shows in each of her wonderful dolls.



At present, the Ultimate Fashion Doll™ is as popular as ever, having initiated the great interest in the 12 inch French Fashions. Each one of Alice’s Ultimate Fashion Dolls™ is a work of art taking great time and effort to come to life, and is carefully and lovingly finished, ensuring only the finest quality dolls leave her studio. Alice also travels the world teaching sewing seminars of costume sets for the Ultimate Fashion Doll.  People come from far and wide to receive 4 days of instruction from Alice, and when they leave they have a beautiful, to scale, costume for their doll.  Some basic knowledge of sewing is a plus, however, one does not need be an expert seamstress to attend, learn, enjoy and succeed.


Eugenie from Alice’s The Ultimate Fashion Doll™ Line


What’s Cookin’? Convention 2012 Artist Spotlight

Jambalaya Jubilee” may be months away but our event artists are already hard at work.  Each month UFDC is pleased to introduce you to the artists whose work will be showcased at the meal events planned for New Orleans.