What’s Cooking with RubyRedGalleria

RubyRedGalleria is comprised of a talented group of doll designers, many of whom have hands-on working experience with some of the most talented doll artists around.  Started in 2008, RubyRedGalleria quickly became a recognized name by doll collectors, known for their unique doll designs, haute couture doll costumes and accessories.  UFDC welcomes RubyRed to their first UFDC meal event, “Crepes Bleuette”.


In Their Own Words

“American Girl!  Barbie! These are two of the most famous dolls in the modern age that many girls have practically spent their childhood with. But let’s not forget that long before these dolls were even born, it was the Bleuette that captured the hearts of thousands of young girls.

Charmette dressed in outfit ‘Amber Gold’

Originating in the early 20th century, Bleuette was created and fashioned by the magazine “La Semaine de Suzette” to help educate many under privileged rural French farm girls in the social graces, manners and preferred attires of the urban French cities. This noble goal was widely reflected in the thousands of elegant yet simple dresses designed for the very popular Bleuette dolls.

Bleuette dressed in outfit “the Ray of Malachite”

While the Bleuette doll gradually lost its popularity in the 1930s, many doll artists and collectors still remained loyal to Bleuette because they love the values and beliefs that Bleuette expresses. Some collectors believe that while Barbie and American Girl are more “trendy” and “modern”, they fail to preserve the tradition of good graces that are evident in the Bleuette.  RubyRedGalleria has noticed this problem, and took action to recreate the Bleuette doll to preserve this noble tradition.  RubyRed recreated the new Bleuette.

The new Bleuette has an identical look to the original Bleuette except for a few improvements. Modern technology allowed RubyRed to make Bleuette into a more fashionable, more durable, and more enjoyable doll. Firstly, the Bleuette is now made by poly-resin instead of the original fragile and easily breakable materials of the past. The benefits are astounding: the skin is smoother, the doll is lighter and the material is more durable. In addition, RubyRed also added a face changing feature into the doll. Bleuette’s face, eyes and wigs can all be switched! In essence, you can have hundreds of different Bleuette’s all in the same doll! Think of all the money you can save! The idea of launching the Bleuette came from RubyRed’s owner and chief designer, Ms. Ruby Ho. “I have developed many dolls in my life,” she said, “but I still cannot recreate the presence that Bleuette had in the early 1920s. Bleuette encompasses rich culture and history. No matter how well I design the other dolls, some of us still can’t forget the Bleuette’s we had as a little girl.”

“There are thousands of beautiful Bleuette dresses that are passed down in history,” she continues, “and it is a shame that it is very difficult to find a high quality and economical Bleuette to dress them with. Some of the dresses are still breathtakingly beautiful, and it also helps teach the younger generation good dress sense and good social graces that are still very welcome in the modern world.”

Bleuette and Ellette, Lady Sagesse (Limited Doll Set)

Starting from 1981, Ms. Ruby Ho has been in the doll business for over 30 years, and she still enjoys designing new Bleuette dresses. “I also like to recreate some of the vintage dresses in the style of the original Bleuette clothing. With modern technology, we can make them much prettier but still preserve the vibe of the original taste. It is both exciting and fun.”

RubyRedGalleria looks forward to hosting an event at this year’s convention.  Attendees at their event will be receiving a new limited edition Bleuette design: “Crepe Bleuette”.  Joy and excitement are guaranteed!

Charmette, Dancing in Masquerade (Limited Doll Set)

For more information on RubyRedGalleria please visit their website at www.rubyredgalleria.com

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