What’s Cooking with Madame Alexander

One of the most recognizable names of all American doll companies, Madame Alexander has been a fixture in the doll world for almost ninety years.

Standing a full 21 inches tall this fully articulated Cissy is dressed in a marvelous outfit by fashion designer Jason Wu and is ready to explore the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans along with her equally stylish canine companion.

Love Is In The Details

For many of UFDC’s members, the dolls of Madame Alexander evoke happy childhood memories.  For others it is the adult joy of collecting the beautifully dressed and appealing dolls of this firm.

Golidlocks and Bear has a bent knee and created on one of Madame Alexander’s most popular sculpts – Wendy.

In 1923, Madame Alexander founded the Alexander Doll Company based on her belief that dolls should engage a child’s imagination. More than eight decades later, the company continues her mission with a full line of collectible, fashion play and baby dolls that are heirs to her impeccable taste and standards.  To the delight of children and collectors alike, the dolls of Madame Alexander incorporate contemporary character, modern materials, and talented new designers into their works while maintaining Madame’s original vision that “love is in the details”.

Madame Alexander has also been a feature of UFDC’s conventions for many years.  In keeping with the feel of New Orleans their event is titled “Mystic Tea Leaves – Tea Houses, Beignets and Café au Lait!”.   As dramatic as the event name, this doll will be a delight to both Madame Alexander collectors and fashion doll enthusiasts alike.

Perhaps not as well known to all our members is the extreme generosity that Gale Jarvis, President of Madame Alexander, and her team have demonstrated to UFDC.  For the past few years the company has donated wonderful dolls to the Junior Collector’s tea and has been actively involved in this event.  They are helping UFDC prepare the next generation of collectors.  This year the Junior Collector’s tea event is called “Babycakes” and in keeping with this theme Madame Alexander will ensure that every child attending will be “adopting” a baby from their nursery.  UFDC salutes Madame Alexander for their role in this event and their generous donation of the dolls that will be cherished keepsakes for each of the children participating in this very special and important UFDC event.

Fully articulated ballerina from The American Ballet Theatre’s Copelia is an example of the company’s alliance with the arts.

For more information on Madame Alexander please visit their website at www.madamealexander.com

What’s Cookin’? Convention 2012 Artist Spotlight

Jambalaya Jubilee” may be months away but our event artists are already hard at work.  Each month UFDC is pleased to introduce you to the artists whose work will be showcased at the meal events planned for New Orleans