What’s Cooking with Greene & Lam Design Studios

Greene & Lam Design Studios is a new doll and collectibles development company made up of partners Honny Lam and Joan Greene. When Greene and Lam began collaborating on designs for a new fashion doll in 1994, they became friends in the trenches of doll product design and manufacturing. Both pioneers in their fields, the two innovators soon revolutionized the doll industry with their work on Ashton-Drake’s Gene, the most successful fashion doll ever created for a direct response company.

UFDC is pleased to announce that one of the dolls from Greene & Lam’s “The Beautiful Vault” line will be featured in New Orleans. The Beautiful Vault line of dolls was introduced at IDEX by Nashville-based Greene & Lam Studio Designs on January 28, 2011. The lovely line of dolls comes with an intriguing story combining fashion and history that begins in Paris in 1938.

“With the fear of war top of mind, the proprietor of one of Paris’’ best guarded secrets, Le Beau Voute™ sent his beloved niece and nephew to America to open a couture shop. For decades, the Rousseau family had sold lightly worn couture, as well as, items sent over from esteemed couturiers. Ah, the clothing they sold was prized, but it was the beauty of their wax mannequins and charming windows that stopped many in their tracks. This is the story of the mannequins who made the journey, the unique clothes they modeled and the shop Therese and Claude Rousseau opened in the heart of San Francisco.”  (Story and dolls written and designed by Joan Greene.  The dolls are produced exclusively by Greene and Lam Studios.)

The theme for the event will be “Dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Mardi Gras 1950.  In 1950 the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were guests at the Mardi Gras celebrations.  New Orleans was all a buzz when the royal couple announced that they would attend the Mardi Gras festivities.  The big question was, “Would they honor the Carnival rules for the men to bow to the Mardi Gras Kings and Queens, and the women to curtsy.”  Only those in the most elite circles would see firsthand that, in fact, the Duke bowed low and the Duchess dipped in a royal curtsy.”

To learn more about Joan Greene and Greene & Lam Design Studios please visit their website at www.greeneandlam.com.

UFDC congratulates Joan on her recent Doty award for the “Dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Mardi Gras 1950” doll from her Beautiful Vault collection.  This doll is presented in an exclusive costume for UFDC and will be the event doll at Joan’s dinner in New Orleans.

What’s Cookin’? Convention 2012 Artist Spotlight

Jambalaya Jubilee” may be months away but our event artists are already hard at work.  Each month UFDC is pleased to introduce you to the artists whose work will be showcased at the meal events planned for New Orleans.